So they say the best sate is in Kajang and as far as I know the most popular place for your Sate Kajang fix is Sate Kajang Haji Samuri. They’re doing so well in fact that they now have branches in many many places. In fact they have several branches in the KL area alone so there’s probably no real reason to go down all the way to Kajang for it.

However as has been oft repeated, there’s nothing like the original which is a phrase that I find to be true many a time. On the other hand it is also true that popularity comes with a discernible drop in quality.  Those 2 sentences pretty much sums up this sate place.


The usual sate condiments.  We have the peanut sauce, some sambal, nasi impit (literally compressed rice) and some slices of cucumber.  Usually the sate stalls I frequent also give out sliced onions.


Chicken and beef sate sticks (RM0.60 each).

The sate was served very very quickly.  Not a good sign because it’s obvious that they did not cook the sate to order.  In fact the sate served to us was obviously cooked much earlier.  They were barely even warm.  Let me tell you, a cold stick of sate is not a tasty stick of sate.  Very disappointing.

In fact the barbecue pits they have running (with the charcoal still burning) behind the cashier counters were empty the whole time we were there.


Rabbit sate (RM 2.00 per stick).

One thing interesting I did try when I was there that day was to try out rabbit sate.  It was my first taste of rabbit meat ever and all I can say about that is… “tastes like chicken”! 🙂