There’s this relatively new Dim Sum place in Puchong Jaya (behind HSBC) that’s doing brisk business.  There are lots of other Dim Sum places in the area but none of them are of any acclaim.  What about this new place, then?

Jin Xuan Hong Kong (Hong Kong? really?)

When it comes to Dim Sum we usually stick to the old favourites;

Siew Mai (pork filling) & Har Gau (prawn filling)

Char Siew Bau (pork buns)

And a nice hot cup of Chinese tea to wash it all down.

Of course Dim Sum is not limited to the steamed variety.

This restaurant really impressed me in two areas.  First of all the furniture is obviously expensive stuff.  You’re not going to find flimsy plastic chairs here.  This air conditioned restaurant serves its customers in style. We’re talking wooden chairs here and tables with marble tops.  Good stuff.

Secondly, they actually have sufficient staff!  You find yourself not having to jostle around and harass the waiters to get served.  You don’t get personal waiters but you actually constantly see staff pushing dim sum around.  Best thing about the dim sum here?  They are ready to eat unlike some places where they actually need to bring your dim sum back to the steamer to be steamed before serving it to you.

Too bad then that the food is not up to standard and the price is crazy expensive.  Nothing we ate that morning was particularly good… not terrible but just nowhere near impressive.  Definitely not worth the money you’re paying.

Bad service I can (usually) tolerate and I barely care about where I eat so long as the food is good.  If the place is cheap it’s an advantage but I don’t really mind if it’s not either provided (again) if the food is good.  I’m never coming here again if I can help it.  It’s just another one of those mysteries of life.  Why is this place packed with customers?  Must be a feng-shui thing.