Since the Chinese New Year is upon us it’s time again for the annual “Sau Gong Jau” which literally translates to dinner at the closing of work. For folks who don’t know the Chinese working people have a (recent?) tradition that involves having a feast right before everybody leaves for their Chinese New Year holidays. There’s also an accompanying tradition called the “Hoi Gong Jau” which literally translates to dinner at the opening of work that you’re supposed to do right when everyone’s back from their Chinese New Year holidays.

As traditions are, we tend to play hard and fast with the rules. The dinner doesn’t have to be a dinner (lunch is fine) and it never needs to be on the very last day of work before the holidays. For us we had lunch 3 days before Chinese New Year.

Another Chinese tradition that we enjoy here is the “lou yee sang” or the tossing of raw fish which really is raw salmon (like sashimi only Chinese) plus lots of other stuff. Oddly the raw fish tossing is a tradition that originated in Malaysia and is only practiced here and perhaps in Singapore. You’re probably not going to find this happening in China.

Yee Sang = raw salmon, shredded vegetables, nuts, crunchy stuff and some sweet sauce.


What a waste!

Really, the “lou yee sang” is done more for fun than anything.  But still wasting perfectly good food is not something I’d recommend 🙂

The Dengkil (Ng) Seafood restaurant is one of my preferred joints in Dengkil.  It’s a 2 story restaurant and the upstairs is air conditioned (though I still managed to sweat a lot that day when we were there).  As most eateries in Dengkil tend to be, their customers are usually people working in Cyberjaya so you can expect seats to fill up pretty quick during lunch hour.  Food really isn’t the most spectacular but for Dengkil it’s one of the best.  Prices also tend to be on the high side unless you stick to ordering noodles.

An exterior view.  With their bright yellow new signboard, this place is impossible to miss.

They had some Chinese New Year sets that day.  Prices were from over RM300 onwards.  Pretty expensive so we didn’t bother to try them.  Thus we ordered ala-carte.

Signature Taufu (bean curd), a little bit spicy.

Thai styled chicken (really it’s just fried chicken with some supposedly Thai chilli sauce).

Fried Lotus Root and Celery (nice!)

Choi Bou Tilapia Fish

Stir Fried Sweet Potato Leafs (usually good no matter where you order this)


Half Roasted Duck and Half Suckling Pig (sorry, lousy picture)

The duck/pig dish was painful.  It cost us nearly RM100.  The total bill was RM250 for 14 persons, which wasn’t that bad actually except that we didn’t order the pig (or at least we didn’t have the intention to).  We ordered roasted duck but somehow got this half half nonsense.  Oddly no one really grumbled so when the dish came we just ate up 🙂  The pig was lousy… lacking in any crispiness and it was terribly salty.  All the other stuff was ok though and I did quite fancy the chicken.

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