My current favorite picture of myself and my daughter, Kit Yi.

Hi, my name is Jon and I used to run a now defunct blog named wAntAn productions.  I’m lifelong member of the Procrastinators Club of Malaysia which makes me a lousy blogger (and probably a lousy person in general).  I had to stop updating my wAntAn productions because Blogger stopped supporting (or at the moment, is stopping support for) publishing via FTP.  So I finally had to do what I’ve put off for so long, i.e. move my blog to WordPress.

Because WordPress is such an amazing piece of work, I set up my new blog in half a day!  Complete with features that I would never have dreamed of having if I was still on the Blogger platform.  I’ll be adding features to it incrementally but for now this is it for the foreseeable future.

Enjoy my new blog… if you find it boring there’s always tons of content in the old blog to go through.