Sanuki Udon is an udon joint run by a really fit Japanese dude who drives a really rocking classic Land Rover.  Perhaps the oddest thing about this joint is its location.  Located in a really quiet neighbourhood off Old Klang Road it’s tucked away in a row of shops which can be aptly described as either dead or dying.  Aside from Sanuki Udon theres nothing noteworthy in that area to talk of and I suppose the residents like it that way (I know I did when I used to live there a decade ago).

Look out for this sign.

It’s actually not too surprising to find an authentic Japanese restaurant in the Taman Desa vicinity as the Japanese community actually has a pronounced presence there.  If anything it’s surprising that Taman Desa is not more like Sri Hartamas where Japanese and Korean restaurants are a dime in a dozen.

House Special with Egg (RM 5.00)

Personally I think this is the piece de resistance of the menu.  This is a simple dish with really fresh hand made udon plus a runny egg and trace amounts of udon soup.  The way I eat this is to mix in the optional chili paste and stir everything up.  The taste and texture of the whole dish is like chili pan mee only with a Japanese twist (and far less anchovies).

Kitsune Udon (RM 6.00)

Now if I’m not mistaken Kitsune is Japanese for fox but there are no foxes in this bowl of udon.  On the contrary, the only extra topping you get with this udon is a piece of sweet tofu.  Didn’t try this so I can’t vouch for the taste.

Curry Udon (RM 7.00)

This is the typical Japanese type of curry, which means it’s more sweet than spicy.  Quite nice if you know what to expect.  This is not your typical curry laksa noodles 🙂

Dry “Cha Cheong” Style (RM 6.00).

Again, this is pretty Japanese-fied.  “Cha Cheong” is the Chinese styled minced meat with bean sauce but at Sanuki Udon their sauce is a bit sweeter than the usual Chinese variety.  Again, it’s good if you know what to expect.

Sanuki Udon comes highly recommended from this blogger.  It’s a great little shop with fresh hand made and delicious udon dishes with reasonable prices.  Where else can you get udon + drinks for under RM10 per person.  Only caveat is the serving can be a little small for some people.

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No.9, Jalan Bukit Desa 5
Taman Bukit Desa
58100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-7980 3704