Note: This is a severely outdated post… life is just that more important than blogging 😛

The first day of the Chinese New Year this year happened to fall on the very same day as that most dreaded of humankind celebrations; Valentine’s Day.  I’m not particularly opposed to celebrating Valentine’s it’s just that I have no fondness of crowded places.  Also restaurants tend to be overwhelmed on that particular day causing service and food quality levels to drop significantly.  But then again it’s the Chinese New Year, most people would have taken the chance to go back to their hometowns.  So was there hope for a crowd free dinner for me and my lovely wife?

Daidomon @ Great Eastern Mall, Ampang.

YES!  We actually managed to secure a booking (I think it was one or two days before) and the dinner itself was a stress free event.  Kudos to the management and staff at Daidomon.  They were definitely running at near full capacity that night but service was prompt and decent.

It was our first time at Daidomon so we really didn’t know what to expect and how the buffet works.  The waiter who served us was quick to pick that point up so he offered to recommend us some dishes to start.  Basically the process at Daidomon is pretty simple.  There is the buffet spread at the middle of the restaurant where you can pick up food that’s ready to eat.  Aside from that you are also given a menu from which you can order meat to barbecue.

Waiter’s recommendation #1: Mixed Seafood

Waiter’s recommendation #2: Mixed beef

Some items from the buffet spread.  The egg on the left was damned nice 🙂

There are 2 premium items on the menu which you can only order once.  I can understand why they are made premium items (expen$ive) but personally I don’t think they were any good.  The best stuff Daidomon has to offer is definitely their red meat selection.

Premium Item #1: Oysters in butter

Premium Item #2: Scallops

Check out their comprehensive website for more details.